All donations will support a solidarity project in collaboration with Amref Health Africa – Italy.
Together to support some communities in South Sudan in one of the regions of the globe most affected by great droughts and famines, the Greater Equatoria area.

Through this project, Amref aims to improve the socio-economic and health conditions, food safety and nutrition of the population through the training of “Safe Water Champions”, young promoters of hygiene and the use of clean water. Essential figures at the community level to stimulate the change in family habits, in the context of water management and hygiene at home and the rehabilitation of surface wells for safer and more lasting access to drinking water.


The project aims to contribute to the improvement of socio-economic and health conditions, food security and nutrition of the population in the Greater Equatoria area, in South Sudan.


"We are pleased to take part in this original initiative, together with the Acqua Foundation and the two artists, because it offers us the opportunity to talk about health in Africa, through the world of fashion, and because we will be able to strengthen concrete actions in fragile communities in South Sudan ”.
Guglielmo Micucci
Director of Amref Health Africa-Italy